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Cisneros_headshot_sized Mr. Cisneros is a Senior Associate, and maintains as an independent broker with several premier agencies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. He has 25 years experience in providing Personal Economic Design and Acceleration, and is a 2013 graduate of the Leap Masters Program.

He uses this holistic approach; which coordinates, integrates – there by maximizing – all the micro areas you are already familiar with, such as charitable giving, college funding; and financial, estate & retirement planning.

George is known throughout the tri-state area as a leading practitioner of Personal Macro Economics.

He has helped all variety of individuals – hundreds of happy persons, move closer to their full financial potential.

George works closely with other advisors, creating a team synergy. An orchestrated approach produces a symphony of coordination between our client’s product advisors; and tax & legal professionals.

Because it is an art as well as a science, it draws from all of George’s experience, talents and passions.

George sits on several charitable boards, taught curriculum in a variety of regards, and has hosted a radio program all within the realm of his expertise.

Raised and groomed as to be the fourth generation in a family of restauranteurs, founders of the New York Restaurant League, this landmark business eatery was located in the historic Woolworth Building, situated between City Hall and the World Trade Center in Manhattan. His training and life experiences, drawn from closely tied generations of wealth, brings to his successful clients what can’t be taught. His expertise is in dealing with the first and second generations of new wealth, discussing the important between the line matters.

Upon entering the insurance business initially, George soon realized that there was a divergence from what the general public was being told & sold; and what successful and wealthy families do. George dissected and researched every aspect of his business, accepting nothing at face value. He continued this unrelenting journey which led him to, in 1990, one of his life’s most exciting chapters – when he met and began his apprenticeship with LEAP® System’s genius think tank.

He holds a BS in business management with a concentration in Hotel and Restaurant management, Summa Cum Laude, from Bryant University, Rhode Island. He is a current student at the American College for industry related studies, and reads voraciously – especially tax law, and The Mises Institute’s panoply of literature, the leading Austrian economic think tank. You will soon learn, as his clients come to know and will attest to, his profession is his avocation.




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