I am the CEO of The Kennedy Automotive Group, Inc. which operates the seven John Kennedy Dealerships in the Philadelphia area.  In my capacity, I have handled all of our corporate financial affairs for the last 35 years.

I maintain many of the top advisors in the Philadelphia area, both for our Corporate business but also for my own personal estate concerns.  They continue to provide me with excellent service in their respective fields.

That being said, my most important advisor is George Cisneros.  His character and honesty are as exceptional as his knowledge, expertise and insight.  The difference George makes is that he has opened up my eyes to the inner workings of the financial industry to which I was never privy before. He has taught me how to question every decision I make concerning my personal finances.

George is truly my macro advisor, even more than I first imagined when he explained his professional services.  It wasn’t until I spent some time with George that I saw how the many facets of my personal finances interact with each other.

He has enabled me to take even more control of my personal financial world, with better understanding, so that I can make better use of my other advisors.

In addition, George never hesitates to gently confront me with issues and ways to consider things that I have overlooked, or which I was unaware.  He truly sits not across the desk from me, but as an advocate always at my side.


J. Michael Kennedy


Financial consulting and advice of the first order continues to be a mainstay at LifeRadio1020 WIBG, as George Cisneros provided world-class information and overview to thousands in South Jersey.

A motivational financial analyst who continually inspires and encourages his listeners to move with caution and deliberation through
the vast network of finance. A program host who continually relates
to his callers at every level.

Rather than simply provide “window dressing” to the financial issues, George never fails to dig deeply into research to motivate, uplift and
provide sound financial advice.

Unlike so many radio-talk show hosts, George spends endless hours prepping the subject, always with a friendly, cheerful and upbeat style.
He hits airtime armed with full squadron of powerful financial tools and
an instruction manual for his listeners.

Truly, George Cisneros is Atlantic-Cape May-Cumberland Counties leading financial advisor, with talent and inspiration for the countless
thousands of people he has assisted.

George Cisneros is the ultimate financial advisor in helping people navigate the rough seas of local and regional economies of scale.

We at WIBG AM & FM look forward to continued many years of a new level of performance standards in financial broadcast. He is truly one of a kind!

Rick Brancadora
CEO/President/General Manager
LifeRadio1020 WIBG
GoldCoast Communications LLC
Atlantic City-Suburban Philadelphia


Dear George
I want to thank you for all you help with the Financial Literacy Campaign at Vision 2000, in Atlantic City, NJ.
You were willing and able to help people of low and moderate income understand how to make and prioritize financial decisions.
You had such an ability to really get through and reach them with your examples and visual aids at the seminars.
Your “stick-to-it-iveness” for all the 10 weeks of the seminar is to be very much commended.  I just cannot thank you enough.  And then you did it again for another ten week seminar!  Your spirit and giving of yourself and your time are such a treasure to your community.
Many of the people in the program, after learning the skills you taught them, were able to pick themselves up and bring their finances under control.  Many of these people were able to benefit from the program and purchase their first home after “setting their finances in order.”
Thank you again for you assistance in the program.  You made a difference in the lives of many people for years to come.
Leslie E. Esposito
Vision 2000 Home Ownership Program
Program Manager




Verites Pial

P.O. Box 1072 Marmora, NJ 08223