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VERITESPIAL – Who we are … is … how we do. 

Gives us the second law of thermonuclear dynamics: that all matter is in a continual state of decay.

endures this same demise through the law of diminishing returns.

What you worked hard for is easily lost to taxes, inflation, debt, liability suit, market fluctuation, fees, charges, insurance and many other economic forces and eroding factors.


is the most powerful tool in overcoming these forces.  For hundreds of years, only central banks, financial institutions and the multi-generational wealthy were aware of the multipliers dynamics, their power, and had the means to implement them.

as Wealth in MotionTM is unique to the world – it is similar to that of a NASA simulator.   Employing an inductive, scientific method, we enter your entire financial life into the Wealth in Motion simulator – income, expenses, assets, liabilities, insurances and company benefits.

for making all financial decisions, is what nationally recognized experts are calling Wealth in Motion.  It is the perfect fusion of both financial truths & economic principles; and the latest computer technology.  Its genius lies in the tactile understanding you will gain.  It’s like watching a movie of your own life.

Its internal mechanics are unbiased, consisting of only math computations, economic and finance principles, and all current tax law – every variable and factor you experience in your lifetime.  There are no financial products, strategies, or sales orientations of any kind.

The outputs, if you are like everyone who has seen it to date, will most likely be your first introduction to true full disclosure.  It is the difference between an x-ray and an MRI .


Until now, your financial life has been treated like a game of tic-tac-toe with financial calculators.  Are your financial decisions this simplistic?

Our clients’ finances more resemble chess.  Therefore, each Wealth In Motion computation includes every income and other tax (detailed and account specific), expenses, fees, debt details, lost opportunity costs, inflation and all the other wealth eroding factors.

Everyone tells you the “good”; but now you can weigh it against the “bad” and the “ugly” you suspected was there, but couldn’t find until now.

Is your life a series of number columns?

Should your intelligence reports be also?

You will now see your entire financial world as an architect’s blueprints.  Just as you can now take a 3-D virtual home tour; no less, your financial positioning will now play out into the future.


It is in a principled, scientific format; just as the DNA double helix and chemistry’s element table.  You will not only see every single financial reality on one page, but be able to gauge each of their unique characteristics and relativity to each other.

Imagine seeing all your finances as they are now, simulate each year into the future, before it ever happened.

Would it help you make the right financial moves today?

What would that be worth to you?

Hundreds of thousands of clients over the last thirty years have each saved millions of dollars in their own individual lives.  It has made a significant impact in their wealth, happiness and success – without regret.

There is no obligation, nothing to invest or lose, and everything to gain.

We all live life once, why not do it right.

Why not put your wealth in motion?

Verites Pial

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